Hobgoblins Ate Our Content


Posted by admin | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 07-12-2012

If you’ve had any experience with it, I’m sure you’e aware that some of the most amazing things happen on the internet. For example: in recent months a popular website host, who shall go unnamed, inexplicably up and disappeared. Several major companies were affected; ours being one of them. So here we are, going about our business, trapping squirrels, performing raccoon removal, restoring attics damaged by mass animal infestations, and the like, and *poof* our website and all of our content disappears into the netherworld. Fortunately, the hard-working staff on the back end here at Wildlife Solutions maintained some semblance of backups, and have begun the process of trying to put the pieces back together.

Please bear with us as we rebuild and refresh our content. Before you know it we’ll be back and better than ever.